What’s Better than EMSzero?

What’s Better than EMSzero?

Physical fitness and getting a sculpted body are popular pursuits these days.  And since gym workouts and dieting can be time consuming and tedious, it’s no wonder that various professional body contouring machines are showing up everywhere and enjoying significant marketability.

So which body contouring machines are the most effective?  Which ones will help you achieve that sculpted body been dreaming of the fastest?  And perhaps equally important, which ones can your budget afford?

If you are looking to build muscle and burn fat, then EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo top the list in terms of fame and reputation.  With celebrities and athletes endorsing the procedure, it’s tempting to give EMSculpting a try.

But then there is the price consideration.  If you are a spa owner you’ll need to finance or pay cash $100-400K for an EMSculpt Neo machine and then to payoff the debt you’ll need to charge about $1000+ per session, which can deter many from indulging in the treatment.

Fortunately there are many alternative machines that do something similar to EMSculpt Neo without the exorbitant cost associated.   Alternatives include various models of EMSlim, EMSlim Neo, Perfect Shape, EMShape, EMShape Neo, etc.  there are a lot of different models because there are a lot of different factories and customizations.   Some are weak, some are strong.  Some are good quality and others not so good. Some have a warranty, some don’t. 

Another brand option you’ll see popping up is EMSzero, which is heavily marketed and the price does seem irresistibly low.  Now the question remains…is EMSzero any good, and is there anything better?

What is EMSzero?

EMSzero is a brand of high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) body sculpting equipment.  The factory that produces EMSzero machines is in Guangzhou province in Southern China, and the various models of EMSzero are sold on marketplaces like Aliexpress and DHGate as well as by local distributors of spa equipment.

Like EMSculpt and other brands of HIFEM machines, EMSzero uses pulsed magnetic wave energy to force muscles on the targeted area of the body to engage in supra-maximal exercise.  For example, during a 30 minute session of EMSzero, the patient can experience the equivalent of thousands of stomach crunches all while lying down.

EMSzero Advantages:

EMSzero distinguishes itself from other brands on several levels: Firstly, the physical look of the machines is generally stylish.  Secondly, it’s easy to purchase by credit card, and if you live in a country with local distribution, you will be able to receive delivery of your new equipment relatively fast with no customs clearance required.  Perhaps most significantly, if you are a bargain basement buyer, EMSzero distinguishes itself by being inexpensive.

EMSzero Disadvantages:

While the EMSzero specifications listed on Aliexpress and DHGate and other selling platforms may sound impressive, they are way over exaggerated to the point of being rather funny.  For example, the advertised Tesla rating is almost 10 times the real measured Tesla rating (14 Tesla is advertised versus about 1.5 Tesla was measured in the lab).  And the radio frequency power of EMSzero measured by the laboratory was undetectable.

Does EMSzero Work?

Yes EMSzero is cheap way to buy HIFEM body sculpting machines online, but you get what you pay for (if that) and may need to do a lot of treatment sessions to get any visible muscle building results.  And, if you want to burn any fat you probably need to invest in additional equipment such as cryotherapy or cavitation, given the absence of radio frequency fat burning.

Perhaps the most problematic aspect of EMSzero is the lack of any manufacturer warranty.  EMSzero is notorious for breaking down and the EMSzero factory offers only troubleshooting videos and replacement parts you can install by yourself.

If you love the EMSzero brand and must choose it, then we highly suggest paying a little more and buying from a reliable third party reseller that offers their own separate warranty.

What is Better than EMSzero?

EMShape Neo Plus, Professional EMShape Neo, and EMSlim Neo Upgraded are all manufactured by the original EMSlim factory (also in Guangzhou China).   All have at least 400% more power than the most powerful EMSzero, and at least 500% higher max Tesla.  These premium brands also have real radio frequency fat burning and output of these machines is very stable.

When you buy these premium brands, not only will you enjoy better faster results, you also will normally enjoy a real warranty and ongoing technical support.

We suggest to not get fooled by vendors that claim to offer EMShape and EMSlim without credentials.  Better to verify the vendor reliability by checking third party reviews,  because many are cutting costs to get more profit and offer machines with even lower energy than EMSzero.

In Summary:

If you want to build muscle and burn fat effectively, either indulge in real EMSculpt Neo ($300,000 machine / $1000+ per session) or consider EMShape Neo Plus or EMSlim Neo Upgraded ($5000-$12,000 / $100-800 per session).

If you do decide to purchase EMShape Neo Plus or EMSlim Neo Upgraded, consider choosing M-Shape Beauty.  We are a reliable developer and distributor of professional body sculpting equipment and offer free training and solid warranty.   We offer all of the brands mentioned in this article, (except for original BTL EMSculpt Neo) and we are very honest with our clients about what they are buying.  Welcome to contact us anytime for more information.










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