What is the Best Alternative to EMSculpt Neo?

What is the Best Alternative to EMSculpt Neo?

Electromagnetic body contouring treatments are more popular than ever.  Why? Well it’s simple - it’s far more relaxing and efficient than diet and exercise.  I mean, who wants to spend hours at the gym or exist on rabbit food, when an electromagnetic spa treatment will give you a serious muscle workout and melt fat, all while lying down?

One of the most famous brands of electromagnetic devices is of course EMSculpt Neo.  According to BTL Industries, EMSculpt Neo is the “first and only” machine that builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously.   However, we all know it’s not that simple.

The fact is, there are a lot of competing alternative brands on the market, including EMShape Neo, Perfect Shape Neo, EMSlim Neo, EMStrength, EMSzero, etc.  Whether BTL likes it or not, other factories have studied the technology of EMSculpt Neo and created their own variations.

Of these these alternative brands, EMShape Neo is the strongest.  In fact, EMShape Neo is specifically designed to achieve a body sculpting experience that not only matches but exceeds that provided by BTL EMSculpt Neo.

What is EMSculpt Neo?

By using a synchronized blend of two types of energies, EMSculpt Neo treatment delivers highly effective body sculpting results.

The first type of energy is high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM).  The HIFEM energy rapidly contracts the muscles on the targeted area, increasing strength and tone. This technique is similar to BTL’s EMSculpt, with added benefits of building muscle fibers.  Therefore you can achieve a toned and strong physique with EmSculpt Neo.

The second type of energy is radio frequency (RF), which is used to quickly and effectively break down and eliminate fat cells while also preparing muscles for contraction.  Thus, the muscle building super workout is much more effective.

The result of using this combination of energies is impressive indeed - increase in muscle mass by 25% (exceeding the 16% achieved by conventional EmSculpt), and  achieving up to 30% fat burning during each treatment, enhancing overall results.

What is EMShape Neo?

The benefits of EMShape Neo are similar to the benefits of EMSculpt Neo - both procedures strengthen your muscles while reducing fat, resulting in a more defined and youthful look.

However, EMShape Neo takes the scientifically proven HIFEM technology to the next level, as it provides an extremely effective alternative to traditional workouts by stimulating muscle contractions with higher levels of magnetic flux density.

EMShape Neo can target abs or glutes, and any other area if the body (except for the head and the chest).  The EMShape Neo treatment mimics the feeling of crunches or squats, resulting in a stronger and more toned physique in just 30 minutes.

EMShape Neo also sets itself apart by being an innovative technology that not only utilizes radiofrequency energy to target and eliminate stubborn fat, but it also boosts collagen production and tightens skin for a younger and smoother appearance.

Why is EMSculpt Neo so much more expensive than EMShape Neo?

Both EMSculpt Neo and EMShape Neo can successfully achieve muscle toning and fat reduction, and even help you say goodbye to excess weight. So why the massive price differential?

A brand new EMSculpt Neo machine is estimated to cost about $350,000.   And a brand new EMShape Neo, with similar or greater magnetic flux density, costs less than $15,000.

BTL sets their prices, not us, so we can’t be sure all the reasons why EMSculpt Neo is so expensive.  But the most obvious reasons include: the cost of celebrity endorsements, other large scale marketing efforts, as well as legal fees spent as BTL continues to exert extreme efforts to control the market.

MShape Beauty sells our EMShape Neo machines exclusively online.  This keeps our costs lower and we pass these saving on to you.  At the same time,you’ll still enjoy a 2 year warranty and optional free online training.

Why is EMShape Neo the best alternative to EMSculpt Neo?

There are various other even cheaper brands which appear on the surface to also use synchronized HIFEM and RF energies to build muscle and burn fat.  However, many of these other brands’ machines are built with poor quality motherboards and use weak unstable voltage regulators, or don’t even have a voltage regulator at all.

The magnetic flux density resulting from these systems is typically weak.  Unfortunately you’ll never know it from the advertisement.  For example, we tested the maximum magnetic flux density on “EMSzero Pro”, discovering it to be 1.65 Tesla (maximum).  Similar max magnetic flux density was measured on the EMSzero Ultra.  At the same time, their advertisement on Aliexpress says 14 Tesla.

To make the situation worse, an estimated 95% of all EMSzero machines have no RF, despite the advertising stating it’s with RF.  And, these EMSzero examples I just cited are just the tip of the iceberg.

EMShape Neo machines, on the other hand, are built with high quality motherboards and have real RF generators.  EMShape Neo machines send real high intensity magnetic wave energy, combined with real RF, deep into the muscle and fat layer, causing the targeted body part to experience an involuntary muscle building, fat burning workout. And don’t just take our word for it.  If you are curious to verify the difference between EMShape Neo and these “other brands”, you can buy any of our EMShape Machines, and also buy one of the other brands’ machines, open both machines and see what’s inside for yourself.

And you have questions or comments about EMShape Neo versus other brands, you are welcome to contact us.  A customer care representative of MShape Beauty will call you at your requested time to answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, you may call us:  1-800-583-3349.  Or you simply visit our website:  https://mshapebeauty.com/.


EMSculpt Neo and EMShape Neo both make it possible to build a toned and sculpted body, without spending ridiculous numbers of hours at the gym.  With more than 20,000 contractions per 30 minute session, the procedures are backed by clinical results.

EMShape Neo distinguishes itself from all the other brands by offering a high quality system, a procedure that’s equally, and potentially stronger, than EMSculpt Neo, all combined with a reasonable price tag.  This makes the EMShape Neo treatment not only effective, but also highly accessible.   While the majority of small businesses and individuals could never afford to own an EMSculpt Neo machine, EMShape Neo opens a the door to increased profitability (for businesses) and increased fitness levels (for normal people).

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