Warranty Policy

    1. To effectively protect your investment, MShape Beauty is pleased to offer you a full 2 year warranty on most professional beauty machines.  Exceptions:  EMSzero brand machines and handheld devices are covered by a full 6 months warranty.  All other machines are covered by a full 2 year warranty.  The warranty period commences on the date of delivery.

    2. The warranty includes technical support and free replacement parts that are necessary to solve any issues.

    3. We also offer videos to show how to replace such parts so the job can be done efficiently by yourself.

    4. Upon receiving your order, you have 7 business days in which to to report any damages, such as dents, scratches, cracks, or missing components. If your unit has any of these issues, please email us and include any supporting photos and/or videos.  We will solve the problem asap.

    5. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, accessories, and parts such as tips, handpieces, or other related items.  Damage resulting from misuse or lack of maintenance can also void the warranty.

    6. MShape Beauty is not responsible for revenue loss due to downtime required for repair, replacement, or shipping time.

    7. Damage caused by unauthorized product modifications, improper voltage supply, or usage with malfunctioning or damaged power surge/power strip/wall outlet, abuse, improper packaging, or inappropriate use. All incurred costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

    8. The warranty covers necessary replacement parts and advice and video instructions showing how to install such parts. However, the customer is responsible for all incurred shipping costs.

    9. If a replacement device is granted, the warranty time frame remains the same from the original purchase.

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