How to choose the best HIFEM Machine for EMSculpt at home?

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HIFEM, EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo are becoming household words these days, and with good reason.   Who doesn’t like the idea of getting a toned and sculpted physique, all without any additional diet and exercise?

Get sculpted with no effort.  Sounds great, right?  But there is one catch - booking a 30 minute EMSculpt treatment at a professional spa or clinic can be quite expensive, averaging about $800 - $1200, and normally at least 4-8 treatment sessions will be required to start seeing any visible results.  And that price is just for one body area, for example the abdominals.  If you want to sculpt the arm, legs and buttocks as well, you can multiply the cost accordingly.

Fortunately there is a more economical and effective solution, which is to purchase an HIFEM machine for use at home.  EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo use the technology of HIFEM.  Once you have your own personal HIFEM machine, you can use it freely when you have time and with no additional costs associated.

Sounds simple and it is.  That being said, you may have questions, including how to choose the best HIFEM machine for personal use?  There are many factors to consider, including price, warranty, ease or use and training, and of course effectiveness.   That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this blog post, but first let’s understand how HIFEM and EMSculpting technology works.

What is HIFEM?

HIFEM stands for High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic.  HIFEM technology works by delivering powerful, yet safe, electromagnetic stimulation to the targeted body area, causing the muscles to contract involuntarily.

An HIFEM machine is a body sculpting machine that creates the magnetic field, which in turn generates the electrical currents that are responsible for this super intense muscle workout.  The user enjoys the benefits of increased muscle strength and fat reduction without the risks and time commitment associated with traditional exercise.

Indeed, HIFEM is an ideal way to give your muscles a pain-free free workout and improve body strength without the hours at the gym.  You get the results you want, faster, with no preparation or downtime required. A perfect complement to your regular exercise routine!

What is EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

EMSculpt is the original famous body sculpting treatment, which uses the cutting-edge HIFEM technology we just described to build muscle and burn fat, without the need for additional diet and exercise.

The equally famous EMSculpt Neo combines HIFEM and synchronized Radio Frequency (RF) to deliver an even more intense muscle workout with added fat burning power.

According to clinical studies, a 30 minute EMSculpt procedure can induce about 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions.   Such supra-maximal exercise is obviously not achievable via normal exercise.  Indeed the procedure extremely efficient and effective.

Today there are many other competing brands of HIFEM machines in the marketplace, such as EMShape Neo, EMSlim Neo, and EMSzero.  Some of these machines can produce similar results, and generally the price tag is much less compared to EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo.

Will doing EMSculpt at home give me the same results as professional EMSculpt treatments at the spa?

The answer is Maybe.   It really depends on which HIFEM machine you use, how often you do the treatment, and whether you use the machine effectively.

If you use a low power machine with low energy or if you use the machine inconsistently, you may not see much result, even though your body is well suited for the treatment (BMI less than 36).

On the other hand, if you use an HIFEM machine with sufficient power and energy and do the treatment 1-2 times per week consistently, you can certainly achieve similar results to what you would have achieved by paying an expensive spa.

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Will all HIFEM machines that look similar on the outside give me the same results?

No, machines that look similar on the outside will not necessarily give you the same results.

As we all know very well, in today’s global marketplace, taking another company’s design and duplicating its appearance is rather common and easy.   However, appearance can be deceiving, and it’s what is in the inside that will determine what results you can achieve with it.

Take our Personal EMSlim Neo, for example.  Similar looking copy machines are sold frequently on Alibaba and Amazon.  However, to reduce costs, most sellers on these platforms will offer a low power machine with lower magnetic energy and lower quality circuit board.  They don’t tell you this of course, and you find this out by yourself later after receiving the machine and noticing it doesn’t feel very strong.

At M-Shape Beauty, our priority is happy satisfied customers, and we understand you want a machine that will deliver the best results.  Therefore we only offer you the EMSlim Neo machines with upgraded higher energy, high power voltage regulator and high quality circuit boards.

How do I know if an HIFEM machine that’s advertised is strong or not?

You can ask the seller of the machine, or you can read the specifications of power, magnetic flux energy, and vibration frequency.  But unfortunately there is no way to know for sure unless you’ve tested it for yourself.   Note that testing the real magnetic flux density of an HIFEM machine by a laboratory can be quite costly relative to the machine price, and sellers know this.

Therefore, if possible, read reviews that are specifically about the HIFEM machine you want to buy.  And make sure these reviews were written by verified buyers of the specific machine.  Alternatively you get a recommendation from a trusted friend before purchasing.

Here at M-Shape Beauty, we know you want a strong HIFEM machine, and our machines are designed accordingly.  And we don’t just test our own machines.  We also test the original EMSculpt and the machines of various Chinese brands.   We know exactly which companies are offering high energy effective body sculpting solutions, and which companies are offering you less power in order to cut costs or because they don’t know how to make an effective machine.  Curious to learn more details about the difference?  Please feel free to contact us.

Should I buy a 1 handle, 2 handles or 4 handles HIFEM machine?

There are 2 styles of handle that are included with most HIFEM machines - Flat and Curved.  Flat handles are used to sculpt the flat areas of the body, such as the abdominals and back, as well as for sculpting of the buttocks.  Curved handles are used to sculpt the arms and legs.

If you buy a 1 handle HIFEM machine, the single handle will normally be flat.  And if you buy a 2 handles HIFEM machine, the 2 handles will also normally both be flat.   Purchasing additional curved handles can be an option for an extra charge.

And if you buy a 4 handles HIFEM machine, normally it will include 2 flat handles and 2 curved handles.

If you mainly want to focus on sculpting of the abdominal and buttocks and will be using the HIFEM machine exclusively for yourself at home, then a 1 or 2 handle machine can be the most economical and convenient.  If it’s within your budget, we recommend 2 handles for greater versatility and efficiency (for example, when sculpting the abdominals you can use the 2 handles side by side).

Just because it only has only 1 or 2 handles doesn’t mean it won’t be powerful.  In fact our EMSlim Neo Personal Sculpting Machine Upgraded has more energy and higher frequency than most larger sized machines in the marketplace.

If you want to most efficiently sculpt all parts of the body at the same time, then we recommend a portable 4 handles HIFEM machine or a vertical 4 handles HIFEM machine.  You can place all the handles on different areas of the body as shown in this video.

How much does a personal HIFEM machine cost?

The price of HIFEM body sculpting machines depends on several factors, including brand name, machine quality,  power, features and warranty.

A BTL EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo machine can cost between $50,000 and $400,000 depending on if it’s used or new and other factors.

On the other hand, a high quality, high power, high energy 4 handles vertical HIFEM machine with RF that’s manufactured in China will cost between $8000 and $20,000.  The price will vary depending on the warranty service and extra features that are included such as training or accessories.   If you don’t mind settling for lower power or no reliable warranty, you can buy a vertical 4 handles machine in Alibaba for about $2500.

A high quality, high power, high energy 2 handles portable HIFEM machine with RF that’s manufactured in China will cost between $3500 and $10,000.  Again, the price will vary depending on the warranty service and any extra features.   And if you don’t mind settling for lower power or no reliable warranty you can buy a portable 2 handles machine in Alibaba for about $1500.

Which HIFEM machine is the best for EMSculpt at home?

M-Shape Beauty recognizes that every client has different goals and budgets, and we welcome you to consult with one of our support advisors via chat, phone or email.  We’ll be happy to recommend a machine based on your individual needs.

Not sure how to use your new HIFEM machine most effectively to get the best results?  M-Shape Beauty offers free online training, included with all purchases of EMSculpt body contouring machines.

Are you opening a new spa or planning to add EMSculpting to your existing spa’s service menu?  We also offer machines and training for professionals.  Contact us today!



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