Is EMSculpt or Cryotherapy Better for Me?

Is EMSculpt or Cryotherapy Better for Me?

With summer already upon us, you may be in a hurry to shape up and slim down.  And because diet and exercise can take such a long time to yield results, you may want to take advantage of body sculpting technology to reach your goals faster.

EMSculpt and Cryotherapy Fat Freezing are among the most popular non-invasive body contouring procedures in the global spa industry.  Both of these advanced technologies make it easier than ever to achieve your aesthetic goals.  But which is better?

Read on to learn about the advantages of each procedure, and get the slim, sculpted look you desire.

What is EMSculpt?

Emsculpt is an FDA-cleared body-contouring procedure, which is clinically proven to build muscle mass and reduce fat. It uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to intensely contract the muscles beyond what is possible with voluntary effort, resulting in a more toned physique and enhanced fat loss.

The newer EMSculpt Neo is an even more intense procedure, which uses synchronized HIFEM + radio frequency (RF) energies. The RF heating prepares muscles for exposure to stress, similar to a warm-up.  The RF energy also raises the subcutaneous fat temperature to levels that cause fat cells to be permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body.  Clinical studies show an average 30% reduction in fat, and an average 25% increase in muscle.

What is Cryotherapy Fat Freezing?

Cryotherapy, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is an FDA approved non-surgical slimming treatment that lets patients effectively target stubborn fat bulges with spot-reduction results.   Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of cryotherapy, making it the gold standard for fat reduction treatments.

Cryotherapy technology works by literally freezing fat cells to the point where they die and are then naturally metabolized by the body, resulting in a recognizable reduction of fat in the treated area.  Fat freezing has been clinically proven to reduce subcutaneous fat by up to 25% with just one treatment.   This safe and effective procedure requires no surgery or downtime, allowing you to achieve removal of fat on the targeted area with minimal effort.

Which Body Sculpting Treatment is Better?  Factors to Consider 

What goal do you want to achieve?

Is significant fat reduction the goal? Or muscle toning, or both?

Cryotherapy is best for reducing and eliminating stubborn budges of fat.  On the other hand, EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo is best for building & toning the muscles while  burning fat all over the targeted body area.

If you are close to your ideal weight, with BMI less than 35, and have minimal fat to reduce, then you are a great candidate for EMSculpting.  If muscle building and toning are the primary goal, with no fat bulges standing in the way, then EMSculpt is even more ideal.

On the other hand, if you currently have even medium sized bulges of fat covering your muscles, the results of EMS Sculpting may not become visible until you get rid of those bulges.

Yes you may crave the toning benefits of EMSculpt, but the reality is that the fat bulges should be removed firstly, and therefore it’s recommended to first do cryotherapy treatment.  Then later, when the fat bulges have been successfully removed, you can move on to EMS Body Sculpture.

Body of woman before and after body slimming treatment l

Number of Sessions and Treatments Time:

With EMSculpt, visible results won’t be immediately noticeable.  Each EMSculpt session lasts about 30 minutes (per body area treated).  And, yes, you may feel muscle soreness and you may feel more toned and fit right away.  But to actually see results you’ll need to wait a while.  When starting out with EMSculpting, it’s generally recommended to do 2-3 procedures per week for about 4 weeks.  Then after this first course of treatment, you can start to see the visible within about 2 weeks after that.

With Cryotherapy, results also will take time to become visible.  The initial procedure is usually about 1 hour (per body area treated), with another procedure recommended several weeks later.  And that’s all it takes to thordestroy the excess fat cells on the targeted areas with fat bulges.   However, depending on the individual it can weeks for the body’s metabolic system to dispose of the dead fat cells and for the visibly slimmer physique to appear.

In summary, will both EMSculpt and Cryotherapy, you’ll need to be patient before seeing the results.  EMSculpt will generally require more treatments.

Safety & Comfort:

EMSculpt and Cryotherapy are both FDA approved non-invasive procedures, with no surgery or downtime involved.  Both are considered very safe for the majority of people.

Neither EMSculpt nor Cryotherapy involve pain, but they both can feel odd.  While Cryotherapy is reported to be relatively comfortable, the exposure to the cold may feel like an odd sensation during the first procedure.  Similarly, while EMSculpt is not painful, the involuntary muscle contractions can indeed feel extremely odd.

And the are contraindications:  because it is an electromagnetic procedure, EMSculpt is not safe for people with metallic or electronic implants, such as a pacemaker. The contraindications for cryotherapy include impaired circulation or open wounds.


Both EMSculpt and Cryotherapy are popular safe and effective body sculpting technologies.   Neither treatment involves any downtime, so you can resume your normal life activities right away.

Which treatment is better largly depends on your goals (muscle building and toning, fat reduction or both), as well as how much excess fat you currently have.

MShape Beauty offers the latest and most effective EMS Sculpting machines and Cryotherapy machines on the market today.  We also offer complimentary expert advice.  If you are curious to know which procedures will work best for your spa clients or for yourself, please feel free to contact us.  We are here to help and look forward to working with you!



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