EMShape Neo - How to Get the Best Results

EMShape Neo - How to Get the Best Results

EMShape Neo is the exciting next-generation in non-invasive body sculpting and muscle building technology. It’s advanced engineering promises greater fat loss and more impressive muscle definition than regular EMSculpt.  EMShape Neo is comparable to famous EMSculpt Neo.   You can compare the models here.

The EMShape Neo treatment is non-invasive and uses FDA approved tech.  It can help you reduce fat by up to 26% and increase muscle volume by 21%.  Help your clients (or yourself!) get the toned physique they’ve been dreaming of with this revolutionary therapy.

As with any cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, there are many many useful tips you can use to optimize the results your spa clients will enjoy.

Read on to under understand what to do before, during, and after EMShape Neo treatment sessions to get the best results.

How Does EMShape Neo Work?

EMShape Neo is an advanced fat reduction and muscle-toning procedure.  It works by delivering synchronized high intensity magnetic + RF energies into your body.  It targets both fat and muscle, heating fat cells which are then eliminated by the body, and creating contractions in muscle tissue fibers, resulting in toning and building muscle.  The result is a permanently damaged fat layer and a toned and strengthened physique.

So what factors enable the best treatment outcome?

Watch What You Put Into Your Body:

Firstly, hydrating your body is essential for optimal EMShape Neo results.  Drink at least 2 -3 liters of pure water daily during the week prior to your first session and continue staying hydrated during the course of treatment.

At the same time, it’s best to avoiding alcohol and caffeine, especially during the 24 hours before the any session.  You can maximize your body's rejuvenation potential with this careful avoidance.

Regarding medication, it’s advisable to ask your doctor if any of the drugs you're taking could interfere with the therapy's effectiveness.

Maintain a Regular Treatment Schedule:

EMShape Neo provides the best outcomes when treatments are both consistent and routine.   Therefore, to enable your spa clients (or yourself) to achieve the maximum results, it’s advisable establish a specific routine schedule and adhere to it. 

We recommend that patients receive 2-3 treatments per week for one full month to begin with.  The visible results will be most apparent within two weeks after that last session.

The reason consistency is important is that EMShape Neo uses high-intensity electromagnetic energies to stimulate muscle contraction and growth, enhancing muscle definition and helping reduce excess fat.  And, regular sessions ensure optimal delivery of these energies.

Keep the Body Active:

The effectiveness of EMShape Neo is maximized when it’s combined with regular exercise, which both boosts circulation and enhances muscle tone.  With this combination (exercise + ems sculpting), EMShape Neo can help you achieve the body you’ve been striving for. 

Resistance training delivers the combination of nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscle tissue, efficiently building muscle mass.  At the same time, cardiovascular activity can enhance fat-burning and tone.

Lifestyle of Health & Wellness:

To optimize EMShape Neo benefits, it is important to achieve a healthy weight, get adequate sleep, and avoid bad habits like smoking & drinking alcohol.   EMShape Neo puts the power in your hands to truly make the most out of a healthy lifestyle.

Regarding dietary habits, muscle growth and repair are is greatly enhanced by vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fat.  Therefore your EMShape Neo results will be enhanced.

Adequate sleep is also essential for muscle growth and repair, while unhealthy habits like smoking or excessive drinking can interfere with the process.

In summary, you can get the most from EMShape Neo by making smart lifestyle choices.

Smart After-Care:

Post-treatment healthy habits are also essential in order to maximize the results of the EMShape procedure.

For example, adequate hydration and avoiding alcohol and caffeine, continue to be important because, although the actual treatment is complete, the body’s metabolic system is continuing to dispose of fat cells and the muscle tissue is continuing to repair itself.

As a treatment provider, you can also give specific directions to your clients after each session, helping them to to achieve even better  effects.  Your clients have already invested time and money to get the treatment, so they will of course appreciate and follow your tips.

Experience EMShape Neo Today!

Yes, EMShape Neo is an advanced aesthetic machine designed to help you achieve a toned & sculpted body.  And, with dedication and adherence to a healthy lifestyle and the pre and post-treatment instructions we have discussed, you can expect to enjoy the best results.

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