EMShape vs. EMSzero vs. EMSculpt

EMShape vs. EMSzero vs. EMSculpt

EMSculpt has become a fashionable & trendy body contouring procedure.  And, if you are looking for a way to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously, you have undoubtedly come across it.

The well known EMSculpt brand is revolutionary & impressive.  The FDA-approved body contouring treatment is clinically proven to produce some splendid results. 

However, EMSculpt can be quite pricey, to say the least. And the question remains - Is EMSculpt all that it contends to be?  Is it really worth it?

During the recents years, both EMShape and EMSzero, have emerged as alternative, potentially more effective, as well as more cost effective, breakthrough solutions.   In this article, learn more to discover which treatment is right for you.

What is EMS Sculpting & How Does It Work?

EMS sculpting works by using high intensity focused magnetic energy to force muscles on the targeted body area to rapidly contract. This involuntary supra-maximal exercise rapidly builds up muscle mass and breaks down fat cells, enabling faster and more effective results than traditional gym routines.

EMS sculpting is a completely non-invasive procedure and feels like an intense gym workout. The patient lays down and relaxes during the treatment, with the applicator strapped to the targeted body area. It doesn’t hurt, and the intensity can be adjusted up or down as needed so that the treatment remains tolerable. 

Woman lies down with EMSculpt padddle on buttocks

Benefits of EMS Body Sculpting:

Muscle building & toning:

EMS body sculpting can help you achieve the muscle definition you've always wanted. Unlike liposuction or tummy tucks, it tones your muscles, providing you with a sculpted, more athletic figure.

Fat burning: 

EMS body sculpting uses magnetic energy to induce thousands of muscle contractions, helping to build stronger and more toned muscles while also naturally burning fat. 

With the addition of synchronized radio frequency (Neo version) fat burning is enhanced.  Fat is heated, which increases fat cell destruction.

Safe, non-invasive procedure with no downtime:

EMS body sculpture is a non-surgical procedure which offers long-lasting results without the need for downtime. Patients can expect to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure is finished.

Easily target specific body areas:

The procedures can be done on many different body areas.  The most popular target area is the abdominal area.  But you can also target the arms, legs, back, etc.  Surrounding features of the body remain unaltered and untouched. 

Body sculpting muscular man and woman

What are the best EMS Body Sculpting options?

While the EMSculpt brand is famous, one major drawback is the exorbitant cost.   Whether you are a spa, clinic or direct consumer, the significant financial burden may deter you from choosing this brand, despite its effectiveness.

Fortunately EMShape and EMSzero, offer you the same or better results in sculpting and toning, while being far more affordable.

Let’s compare the specifications of EMShape & EMSzero machines:

EMShape Neo:

Technology:  HIFEM + RF (synchronized)

Number of contractions/ 30 minutes:  up to 28,000

Max power:  up to 9500W

Max Tesla*:  7.5 

Handle frequency:  1-200Hz or 1-300Hz, depending on which model

Max RF power: 900W

Max RF temperature: 44 degrees C

Recommended treatment time:  30-40min

Treatment modes:  Automatic & Manual

Warranty:  2 years

Made in: China

Available for sale:  Worldwide

Price, including shipping:  $3000 - $15,500



Technology:  High Voltage Pulse

Number of contractions/ 30 minutes:  up to 16,000

Max power:  up to 5000W

Max Tesla*: 2.8

Handle frequency:  1-100Hz or 1-150Hz, depending on which model

Max RF power: less than 100W

Max RF temperature: 25 degrees C

Treatment time:  30min

Treatment modes:  Automatic & Manual

Warranty:  7 days - 1 year, depending on seller

Made in: China

Available for sale:  Worldwide 

Price, including shipping:  $2000 - $5,000



As we clearly learn from the above data, if muscle building is your main concern, then both EMShape and EMSzero stack up favorably, with thousands of contractions per procedure.  However, if significant fat reduction is a concern, EMShape is by far the best, because it has a much stronger & more advanced RF system.  If longer warranty and long machine life is a concern, EMShape is also best.  And if absolute lowest price is needed, EMSzero is best.

EMShape and EMSzero are both the next generation of body contouring technology.   They both offer you the benefits of EMSculpt, without all of the financial drawbacks.  Enjoy improved results, with increased efficiency and cost transparency.  Know exactly what you're paying for.

Where to buy an EMShape or EMSzero machine?

MShape Beauty offers the best selection of EMS Sculpting Machines, which you can order directly online.  We also offer complimentary advice, technical expertise, training, lifetime customer support.  Contact us today. 



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