EMSZERO vs EMSCULPT: Enjoy the Same Great Results at Reasonable Price

EMSZERO vs EMSCULPT:  Enjoy the Same Great Results at Reasonable Price

When it comes to choosing a beauty machine to reach your body contouring and fitness goals, of course you want a machine that is  safe and effective.  You also want the price to be within your budget constraints.

We all are attracted to celebrity endorsements and stories about beautiful people becoming magically more beautiful.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that people often get deceived by extremely overpriced solutions that make grand claims but don't deliver.

For example, spas that have invested in BTL EMSCULPT are likely to tell you that EMSCULPT is the only safe and effective technology out there, which uses HIFEM to build muscle and burn fat.  This claim of uniqueness is simply false, as we will explore in this article.

Because the world has internet, as well as oodles of techies and investors to fuel innovation, it is impossible that a fantastic technology will not be duplicated and improved upon and made available to the common people at a more reasonable price.

Yes, normal people, with normal budgets, are also interested in EMS body sculpting, health and fitness.  You can easily be smart and save money with the newer machines such as our EMSZERO and EMSLIM, that have been proven to safely deliver the same and even better results as EMSCULPT.

Exorbitantly priced body sculpting machines like EMSCULPT NEO are insulting to our intelligence.  Why do we need to spend $300,000 on their machine when there are equally effective and safe alternatives available for less than $10,000? Do they actually expect us to believe that it’s impossible to duplicate and  improve on their technology?

Not to mention that these deceiving overpriced brands such as BTL take away hard earned money from innocent new spas owner and estheticians who are led to believe the outrageously priced equipment is the only choice to help patients safely reach their goals.

Here’s why you should be cautious with what you believe about body contouring, and only use equipment that you can trust and actually afford!

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We hear stories all the time of people investing in EMSCULPT machines for their spas and clinics only to realize they are in serious debt and must charge enormous fees for their services.   One of the main goals of these spas is offering the treatment to their communities.  But ironically the communities can’t afford the treatment prices that must be charged to help pay off the debt.  This can can be quite devastating.

As you probably know, EMSZERO and EMSCULPT machines are made in completely different factories.  Both EMSCULPT and EMSZERO use HIFEM to safely build muscle and burn fat.  The engineers who designed EMSZERO learned from BTL’s machines, and EMSZERO was  designed with various significant upgrades incorporated.

The handles of EMSZERO have an improved design relative to EMSCULPT.  And, the magnetic energy of EMSZERO is very strong.  Its worth noting that the design was constructed with safety in mind.  The powerful cooling system ensures the machine can run all day, and that the treatment is safe and comfortable.  


The situation is similar when it comes to EMSLIM.  EMSLIM also is not made in the same factory as BTL EMSCULPT, but the power and the magnetic and RF energies are just as strong.

EMSLIM is also designed and built based on the knowledge foundation of EMSCULPT.   We did not need to copy BTL’s design.  Instead we improved on their technology. The synchronized magnetic and RF energies of the upgraded EMSLIM NEO machines deliver obvious visible body sculpture in only 3-4 weeks time.  EMSLIM NEO is a great way to attract new clients to your spa or clinic.

Because our EMSLIM machines are not outrageously priced, you can pass the savings on to your happy clients and get lots of referrals too.

There are several websites, including ours, that are very trustworthy and reputable, which you can order EMSLIM machines from.   Unfortunately BTL Industries, developer of EMSCULPT, has bullied many retailers by by mailing threatening letters and preventing them from selling.   However, there are still many buying options available.  Many of these advanced upgraded systems, including those on our website, come with solid 1-3 year warranties.


If a product is claiming it’s worth $300,000 but actually there are other machines safely producing better effects for only $10,000, then yes the wonderfulness is not so wonderful after all. Just expensive.

But no worries.  There is no need to pay to support the rich and famous for no reason.  Why not get the best value for your money and time?  Contact us now.



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