How to Train the Pelvic Floor Using HIFEM Technology

How to Train the Pelvic Floor Using HIFEM Technology

It is no exaggeration to say that nearly everyone can benefit from doing regular pelvic exercises and improving the strength of their pelvic floor.  Numerous health benefits include preventing  urinary incontinence, treating pelvic organ prolapse, and enhancing sexual pleasure.

But what’s the best way to achieve a healthy pelvic floor?  Instead of relying solely on traditional exercises like Kegels,  we have a better recommendation, which is to get some assistance from the cutting edge beauty industry technology called EMSella.

BTL EMSella an FDA approved non-invasive treatment, which strengthens pelvic floor muscles using HIFEM technology.  EMSella has already transformed the lives of thousands of women and men around the world, allowing them to live free from incontinence and also to enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure.

Our EMDella chair, as well as our EMShape, EMSlim & EMSzero pelvic floor training cushions are based on very similar technology and will yield the same benefits as EMSella.  Like EMSella, our EMS chairs and cushions use HIFEM wave technology to safely and effectively strengthen the pelvic muscle group, leading to improved quality of life.

Read on to learn why HIFEM technology is the ideal solution for achieving total pelvic floor health and all of the associated benefits.

What are Kegels & How Do they Strengthen Pelvic Floor?

Most of us have heard of traditional Kegal exercises.  A Kegel is voluntary pelvic floor exercise, famous for improving bladder control, supporting pelvic organs, and even enhancing the pleasure of sex.

Doing Kegel exercises correctly can definitely result in a stronger, healthier pelvic floor, improved blood circulation and tighter vaginal muscles. Women report childbirth feeling more comfortable and also an improved sensation during sex.   Indeed, doing Kegel exercises is a potentially safe and efficient way to build up the area around the pelvic floor for better sexual arousal and lubrication.

The problem is many people find it difficult if not impossible to do these exercises correctly.  And therefore the success rate is rather lower at only 30-40%.

Another problem is that Kegels done incorrectly can have adverse effects.  Patients may in some cases further weaken their pelvic floor muscles, and in other cases there may be over-tightening, resulting in painful intercourse.

What’s Better than Kegel Exercises?

Actually this no need to go to the trouble of doing lots of Kegel exercises, especially given that doing so can be time consuming, may not work correctly and even do more harm than good.

Our EMS Chairs and Cushions use high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave energy to build a stronger, healthier pelvic floor fast.

How does it work?  The procedure works to build muscle on the pelvic floor in the same way that EMSculpt works to tone muscles on various parts of the body.   The patient sits comfortably upright on the chair or cushion.  The chair/cushion emits electrical currents that result in a magnetic field being formed around the pelvic floor, and magnetic field forces the muscles in the pelvic floor to contract involuntarily.

The supra-maximal exercise of the pelvic floor muscles can be highly effective.  In fact a 30 minute session is equivalent to about 12,000 Kegel exercises! 

The procedure is completely non-invasive, not at all painful and the patient can remain fully clothed as he/she prefers.  The patient may feel a little bodily stiffness due to sitting through the intense muscle workout, but can he/she can easily resume daily life activities with no associated downtime.

Treatment Plan:

For the first course of treatment using your EMS Sculpting Chair or Cushion, we recommend doing at least 8 sessions.   Each session should be about 30 minutes in due and spaced at least 48 hours apart to allow for full recovery of the muscles.  (2 sessions per week for 4 weeks is a typically opted for).

After the first course of treatment, you’ll need to wait about 2-4 weeks to enjoy maximum results.  Depending on the observed results, an additional course of treatment can be planned accordingly.  Note that while 8 sessions is recommended, many patients experience improvements after only 2 or 3 sessions.

For treatment of incontinence, the results won’t be permanent. Depending on the severity of the initial condition you can expect the improved changes to start reverting 6-12 months after the initial treatment.  Therefore maintenance is essential.  While doing Kegel exercises can be effective maintenance, using the EMS Sculpting chair/cushion will be more effective because it’s impossible to 12,000 Kegels by yourself!

Benefits of Pelvic Floor Training:  Eliminate Incontinence  & Enhance Sexual Pleasure

The revolutionary EMSella treatment has been shown to significantly improve the strength and health of the pelvic floor.  Two of the most significant resulting benefits are elimination of urinary incontinence and improved sexual function.

A variety of factors, including natural body aging, childbirth and menopause can cause the pelvic floor muscles to weaken, resulting in the condition of incontinence.  The HIFEM treatment forces the pelvic floor muscles to engage in super muscle exercises, which rebuild their strength.  This repairing and rebuilding of the pelvic floor helps both men and women to regain control of their bladder functioning and reduce incontinence.  According to one study, treatment of incontinence using the EMS Sculpting Chair resulted in improvements in over 81% of cases.

At the same time, the pelvic floor treatment improves sexual pleasure.  For women, the direct stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles leads to an improved strength and a rejuvenated vagina, which in turn improves sexual satisfaction and the ability to achieve stronger orgasms.  For men, the pelvic floor muscles play a key role in sustaining blood flow to the penis and maintaining erections.  And because the pelvic exercises have the effect of tightening the vaginal canal in women, the sexual experience for both men and women is heightened.


A stronger healthier pelvic floor can enable you to experience real freedom and improved quality of life.    And the most convenient and effective way to achieve a stronger healthier pelvic floor is treatment with an EMS Sculpting Chair or Cushion, which uses HIFEM technology to stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions in the pelvic floor, providing effective and long-lasting results.  The procedure provides targeted relief of conditions like urinary incontinence and improves sexual functioning. M Shape Beauty offers you the best selection of EMSculpt machines as well as EMS Sculpting chairs and cushions.  For advice on selecting the equipment that’s best for you, please contact  us today!

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