What is EMSculpt at Home?

What is EMSculpt at Home?

As we all know, EMSculpt is an amazing innovation in fat reduction and muscle toning.   During just one 30-minute procedure, more than 20,000 muscle contractions are achieved to help you get the body you've been dreaming of.

While indeed the technology is alluringly effective, EMSculpt treatment in a professional spa/clinic can be very expensive and require multiple visits.  Typically a 30 minute session can cost you about $1000, and at least 8 bi-weekly sessions are required before you can start seeing visible results.

Don’t want to spend so much money or don’t find multiple visits to the spa convenient?  No worries, there is another attractive option - you can do the EMS Sculpting treatment by yourself from the comfort of home, with a portable or vertical EMS Sculpting machine.  Enjoy the luxury of achieving perfect body contours, all on your own time schedule and within your own budget.

Man looks at him toned abdominals, EMShape neo machine

Benefits of EMS Sculpting at Home

Using FDA-cleared technology, an EMSculpt device provides you with a path to a toned, sculpted physique. You’ll enjoy breakdown of fat, reduced abdominal/waist circumference, improved firmness, and strengthened tone in your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves.

  • M-Shape Beauty’s cutting-edge EMS Sculpting system can help eliminate fat by up to 30% while increasing muscle mass by 25%.
  • Our EMS Sculpting machines feature a very easy to use design. Simply strap the paddle securely to the target area, select the intensity and time, and press start.  The system will do the rest.   Enjoy sculpted, toned results with minimal effort!
  • The procedure requires no downtime and is a great alternative to conventional treatments, allowing you to reach your fitness goals without the need for surgery.
  • The non-invasive buttock lifting procedure reduces sagging and contours the buttocks.
  • The waistline can be reduced by several inches as the treatment melts fat while building the muscles.
  • Our EMS Sculpting machines are designed with safety in mind.  With high security and no risk of electric shock, you can work with confidence.
  • Enjoy 19% reduction in abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti).
  • Advanced air cooling eliminates the need to add water while avoiding overheating.
  • The machine is designed to give you a full muscle workout in minutes. It sends magnetic waves into the deeper muscle layers and helps you experience muscle changes similar to 12-14 weeks of intense gym activity.
Sculpted abdominal, 25 percent muscle increase, 30 percent fat reduction

How the Technology Works

M-Shape Beauty’s EMSculpting machines use a synchronized combination of HIFEM and RF to reduce stubborn fat and build muscle in one treatment.

HIFEM to Build Muscle:

HIFEM stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic treatment.  This painless treatment uses focused electromagnetic pulse energy to force many contractions of the muscles in a targeted area.  This innovative technology basically bypasses your brain’s limitations to give you a supra-maximal workout-like experience with no effort required.

RF to Burn Fat:

RF (radio frequency) heat therapy is an FDA-cleared, targeted treatment for permanently reducing fat cells in the body, without damaging or causing discomfort to the surrounding tissue. The dead fat cells are eliminated by the body's natural lymphatic system, so you’ll enjoy long-term results with no downtime.

M-Shape Beauty’s EMSculpting machines harness the power of both HIFEM and RF technologies, delivering them simultaneously in a single application.

EMSculpt Machines for Sale

Purchasing your own portable or vertical EMS Sculpting machine has never been easier.  M-Shape Beauty offers you a wide selection of the highest quality EMShape and EMSlim machines, which you can order directly online.

All use the same cutting-edge HIFEM + RF technology we describe above.  We’ll deliver your machine directly to your door.

Not sure which model is best for your needs?  Our friendly knowledgeable customer service is ready to advise.  Contact us now!


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