EMS Sculpting - How long does it take to get results?

EMS Sculpting - How long does it take to get results?

If your goal is to achieve a super toned and sculpted body without the need for super-excessive diet and exercise, EMS sculpting can be a fantastic choice.

Using synchronized magnetic and RF energies, the EMS body sculpting equipment stimulates deep muscle contractions to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.  The procedure is performed lying down, and is not painful.

Yes it can feel extremely intense, however most people report EMS body sculpting to be a relatively enjoyable, positive experience.  Yes, you heard that right - EMS sculpting is a fun and relaxing treatment, which can help you get a better-looking body in not much time.

So now we get to the question - how much time?

What is EMS Body Sculpting?

First let’s consider how the treatment works.  EMSculpt is fundamentally different than other body contouring technologies on the market today.  While other technologies such as ultrasonic cavitation or fat freezing work on destroying fat cells, thus achieving fat and cellulite reduction, EMS sculpting actually works on the muscle tissue directly to train and tone.

The revolutionary EMSculpt technology works like this:  the treatment applicator (handle) that is strapped to the target body part (for example the abdomen) emits intense focused magnetic waves.  These waves force the muscles on the targeted body party to contract tens of thousands of times in a 30 minute session.  This superhuman exercise builds muscle tissue at a much faster rate than traditional exercise. The supra-maximal contractions also burn local fat stores, with a body slimming effect.

EMS Sculpting EMS + RF

When will I see results from the treatment?

It’s true that you can expect to see a leaner, more sculpted physique after doing many EMSculpt sessions, but definitely not overnight.  Actually you need to be be consistent and also you need to wait.

Whether it’s BTL EMSculpt, EMSculpt Neo or  most any of our EMS Sculpting Machines (EMShape Neo, EMSzero, or EMSlim, etc.) the recommended course of treatment is this:  the patient should receive one 30 minute treatment session per target body area 1-4 times per week.  (4 only if the the patient has sufficient time or if a smaller portable machine is being used, 1 if EMSculpt Neo, the strongest machine, is in used, and otherwise something in between (2-3).   This should continue for 4 weeks, at which time the first course of treatment is complete.  At this point, most patients will have been feeling obvious tangible results, however results may not yet be visible.  The visible effects that you can appreciate when you look in the mirror normally become obvious 2-4 weeks after this first treatment course.

How long will the effects last?

Following the first course of treatment, you and/or patient may be very pleased & satisfied, in which case only maintenance treatments will be required going forward.  On the other hand, some patients will not be fully satisfied and want do continue with additional courses like the first one.

And like the popular adage says, “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.”  People who exercise their muscles regularly will certainly be able to maintain the EMS sculpt benefits longer (many months even) than those who don’t.

Who is the best candidate for EMS Body Sculpting?

You might be wondering, what if I don’t see much result at all?  In fact it’s true that some bodies will respond much better than others to the EMS sculpting treatment.

Studies show that the procedure is mainly effective for those with BMI less than 35.   But there is more to it:

If the patient has too much thick fat to begin with on the body area being treated, then the EMS Sculpting procedure may indeed be working to build the muscle and burn fat, but there is so much fat that the improvement is completely concealed.  In these cases, we recommend doing fat freezing or ultrasonic cavitation for a period of time, to get rid of the fat that’s in the way.  It’s also highly recommended to incorporate a diet & exercise plan.

On the opposite extreme if you are already working out regularly and have a relatively lean body, you’ll likely see visible results even sooner than was mentioned above.

Which EMS sculpting machine gives the fastest results?

Yes, of course results will happen faster if the treatment is stronger.  While BTL EMSculpt Neo is the strongest machine on the market, the price tag is also quite extreme, putting the BTL technology out of reach for many Spa owners and individuals.  Fortunately EMShape Neo, which is a small fraction of the price, is not far behind in terms of strength and effectiveness, and you can compare these models here.

EMSlim and EMZero brands are also very effective, but expect to do more sessions for a longer time to achieve the same effects.

Additionally, you can make any of these procedures more effective by following the guidelines described in our recent blog.


EMS body sculpting is a cutting edge technology, which can help you achieve your desired body shape. To get the best results, make sure to:

  • remove thicker fat first with other beauty technologies or with traditional diet and exercise
  • stay active
  • use a strong machine

MShape Beauty is a world leader in body sculpting technology, and we offers the best selection of high quality EMShape, EMSlim and EMSzero machines you can find.  We also offer complimentary advice, training, and warranty to secure you investment.  Contact us any time.


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