Is EMShape Neo Plus better than EMSculpt Neo?

Is EMShape Neo Plus better than EMSculpt Neo?

EMShape Neo Plus is the perfect alternative for those who want best possible body sculpting machine but don’t want to pay for EMSculpt Neo. This innovative technology helps achieve a streamlined body contour, while increasing muscular tone and definition. Experience the benefits of higher Tesla energy and optimized fat-burning, all without the use of EMSculpt Neo.

EMShape Neo Plus and Emsculpt Neo are both non-invasive body contouring procedures, designed to burn fat and build muscle for a more sculpted physique. Perfect for areas that may need an extra boost, these treatments both tighten and sculpt for noticeable results.

According to informed aesthetic providers, after comparing EMShape Neo Plus and EMSculpt Neo directly, it is evident that EMShape Neo is the superior method for body contouring, due to better results.

As we all know,  there are many different brands & technologies out there that claim to do the same thing, but in fact each one operates uniquely, targets specific areas, and uses its own approach to accomplish the desired outcome of a slim sculpted physique.

What is EMShape Neo Plus, & does it really tone the muscles and burn fat better than other brands?

EMShape Neo Plus is a revolutionary machine designed to effectively tone muscles and burn fat, without the need for additional exercise.  It focuses on all areas of the body except for the chest, head and face.

EMShape Neo Plus uses high intensity concentrated magnetic muscle training  (HICMMT) combined with precise levels of radio frequency energy.   The procedure causes the muscles on the targeted area to get warmed up and then repeatedly contract and relax, resulting in a highly efficient workout. It's a scientifically proven method for muscle improvement and fat burning, without the need for going to the gym.

In fact, with this advanced HICMMT + RF technology and proven results, EMShape Neo Plus offers better muscle definition and fat burning capabilities than other EMS body sculpting machines on the market.

What about EMSculpt Neo?  Here is the Lowdown!

EMSculpt Neo provides a comparable solution to EMShape Neo Plus as it addresses problematic muscle areas for toning and firming. Unlike EMShape Neo Plus, this technique does not utilize HICMMT, and instead relies on high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) plus RF to target both muscles and fat in the desired region.

Learn why EMShape Neo Plus is the superior choice for building muscle & burning fat, as compared to EMSculpt Neo

If you are asking yourself why is EMShape Neo superior to EMSculpt Neo, then we’ll tell you.   The answer is simple:  EMShape Neo Plus has higher Tesla energy because it uses HICMMT instead of HIFEM.  Using HICMMT results in at least 60% increase in concentrated magnetic energy output compared to EMSculpt Neo, providing a higher density of magnetic energy to the targeted location on the body.

Meanwhile, the there is the rather obvious price difference that you’ll need to pay for the equipment.  While a new EMSculpt Neo costs upwards of $300K, a new EMShape Neo costs less than $15K.

Maximize your time, investment and results with EMShape Neo Plus. With increased magnetic flux density and better ROI, you'll see better results in fewer treatments and get more bang for your buck. Don't waste time wondering, EMShape Neo Plus is the clear winner.


EMShape Neo Plus is more than 60% more effective and at least 20x cheaper than EMSculpt Neo,  making our original question no brainer!

As a product of industry expertise, EMShape Neo Plus offers a powerful solution for those looking to tone their body non-invasively.   Ready to upgrade your spa menu? Call MShape Beauty today at 1-800-583-3349, or send us an message and see what EMShape Neo Plus can do for you.   If you are looking for a EMShape Neo device for home use,  MShape Beauty has solutions for you as well!

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